Pendleton Community Garden






The Pendleton Community Garden is located next to the Library, in front of Brown’s Pool.  The Garden is a cooperative project between the Library, Falls Park, and residents of the local community who volunteer to work in the Garden. 

Each year, volunteer plot holders commit to tending to a 5' X 12' strip of land in the Garden.  On half of that land, plot holders can grow whatever they like, for themselves, their friends, family, and co-workers.  The variety of produce grown is up to each plot holder.  In the other half of the plot, food is grown for the local community.  Plot holders are responsible for tending to their entire plot, ensuring the garden remains healthy, attractive and free of weeds. 

Come harvest-time, volunteers pick vegetables which are delivered directly into our local community through the library’s Read ‘n’ Feed project.  2015 marks the seventh year for the Garden.

If you would like information about how to get involved in the Pendleton Community Garden, call the library at (765) 778-7527 and ask for Lynn or Jennifer.  You can also email inquiries to