eReader Services




We now have films on OverDrive! Check out the classics currently viewable, and watch for more titles as they become available.


To access our ebook, video, and downloadable audio book selections:

1. Sign in to OverDrive.  Patrons will first choose Pendleton Community Library, and then type in the entire barcode on the back of their library card (no spaces).

Passwords/PINs are the last 4 digits of the patron's phone number of record. Signing in before searching will allow patrons to see Advantage titles.  These are selections that are only available to our patrons. The rest of the materials are shared with a consortium of libraries.

2. Access the user-friendly  Help menu for step by step instructions for all supported devices, download needed software, and watch how-to videos!

3. Download requested materials, and enjoy!

Note that began allowing libraries to carry their ebooks & audio files in October 2011. To retrieve material for a Kindle, be sure the title is available in Kindle formatting. It will say so if it is.

While not all titles are available for purchase in ebook/downloadable audio book format, the library welcomes requests for titles. Simply specify that material request is for eBook or downloadable audiobook.