Interlibrary Loan Policies & Procedures


 Interlibrary Loan Policies & Procedures/brochure


Interlibrary Loan is a service provided exclusively to patrons of the Pendleton Community Public Library; this service allows the library to meet patron needs while maintaining its budget. The Pendleton Community Public Library endorses the Indiana Library Resource Sharing Policy, the ALA Interlibrary Loan Code, the United States Copyright Law, and federal/state laws governing confidentiality of records.

Steps to Interlibrary Loan (ILL):

1. A patron of the Pendleton Community Public Library, who is in good standing (no fees over $1), desires an item that the library does not own. We are one of the few libraries that will borrow DVDs and audiobooks; however, due to excessive processing time, we do not ILL any TV series in any format.

The library also cannot choose the lending library, nor predict precisely when the item will arrive.

2. To request material from home, simply choose Request Materials on this website. To request materials in person, simply fill out a Request Form. These are available at the Circulation Desk, and at the Reference desk. Please be as specific as possible in requesting items. For example, if requesting a film, please clarify original film or remake by listing an actor or year. If an audiobook is requested, please specify that format. The more accurate information provided, the more likely patrons will receive exactly what they requested. Please fill out one form per title request.

3. The Reference Librarian submits requests to the Indiana Share Program via the Indiana State Library. The request is then sent to libraries all over the country. In-state deliveries of items are made twice a week; out-of-state items arrive via the United States Post Office.

4. When materials arrive at the Pendleton Community Public Library, they must be processed into our system. Due to processing time, and cost to the State, failure to pick up 2 requested materials, within a 24 month period, will result in a suspension of this service for 6 months. Items must  also be returned on time; 2 late returns within a 24 month period, including two items both returned the same day (late), will also result in a 6 month suspension of ILL privileges.

5. Patrons providing an email address will be notified as soon as the items are processed; phone calls require a bit more time to accomplish. This is why all patrons with email access are strongly encouraged to choose this notification method for all ILLs and Holds.

6. Processing includes a Pendleton Community Library label affixed to the item(s). It is very important for processing that this label remain on the item when it is returned.

7. There are no renewals allowed on interlibrary loaned materials; however, patrons will notice that lending times are very generous. It is important to return these materials on time; see #4 above regarding a suspension of ILL privileges due to late returns.

8. The Pendleton Community Library will pay most shipping fees associated with interlibrary loan. Unique items, with higher shipping costs, will be the patron's responsiblity if agreed upon. The library can not pay for damaged or late items; those rare & unfortunate situations are the patron's responsibility.

9. Patrons are limited to 4 interlibrary loan requests per month; 4 request forms may be submitted per month.

10. The complete interlibrary loan policy can be found here.

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