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Summer Bingo: Audio Book Reviews

A well done audio book is a treat!  Perhaps you found one while working on your bingo card?  If you listened to an audio book, post your review as a comment to this blog. 

Summer Bingo ends July 8th, at 5 p.m.:)


Zaq 6/21/2013 1:10:00 PM
I listened to I am a Pole (and so can you) by Stephen Colbert as read by Tom Hanks. It was hilarious and was worth the ten minutes it took to listen (as I really don't like audiobooks). Stephen Colbert is a genius and going as far to give it the image of a children's book made it even better.
Robyn Axel-Adams 6/20/2013 8:54:00 PM
I listened to Look at the Birdie unpublished Short Fiction by Kurt Vonnegut. This is a collection of 14 short stories. I like the short story format because I don't have to remember story lines when it's a while inbetween being able to listen to a story. I've never read/listened to Kurt Vonnegut, but I know others like him. His stories are a bit twisted and odd, but go deep into the human soul. They make you think. I've had many drive way moments. I've also had to stop the CD after a story in order to let it sit with me before I go onto the next one. It's a rich buffet of stories. Recommend!

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