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Summer Bingo Begins!

Today, Monday, June 3rd, patrons over the age of 16 will have the opportunity to get social and stay local with a bingo game! Some of the squares require posting on our blog, so watch here for upcoming Bingo topics; sharing your reviews will earn prizes! Get your Bingo card at the Circulation Desk beginning Monday; I Love PCL Summer Bingo ends July 8th, at 5 p.m.

Note: all completed Bingo squares will be stamped by the staff, and a "Bingo!" will earn a trip to the small prize box; the four corners DO count as a Bingo.

Participants may submit their Bingo card for entry in the one of 10 Grand Prizes as soon as they have 1 Bingo, or they may keep earning Bingos (and small prizes) until the last day of June 8th (5 p.m.), and then submit their card for the drawing.

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